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The Subscription Box

The Subscription Box


The Random mixed Box will be sent the first Tuesday of every month. 




1 box for one month = £14 ( £3 saving )

1 box for three months = £39 ( £12 saving )

1 box for six months = £72 ( 30 saving )



Your box will contain four items and will be a mixture of chocolatey treats.

  • Storage

    Always make sure your brownies are well wrapped and store in a refrigerator or freezer. When preparing the brownies be aware that each flavour may contain different ingredients and therefore different allergens. To minimise the risk of cross contamination prepare using different equipment and gloves etc.

  • Shelf life

    If stored in a refrigerator, consume within 1-2 weeks. 

    If stored in a freezer, consume within 3 months. 


  • General Information

    All our brownies are prepared in a professional kitchen where there are various ingredients used containing the 14 main allergens.  We prepare the brownies out of the kitchen hours so cross contamination is unlikely. However, there is a slight risk of cross contamination due to it being within the same preparation area and oven space. For more in-depth allergen information please contact us


  • Allergy & Ingredient Information

    For all allergy and ingredient information please see our allergy and Ingredient page

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