Where do I direct press requests?

Ask for the information.

What payment methods do we proceed? accepts credit cards as follow: Visa®, MasterCard®. Paypal is used to handle all our payment processing and which are entirely safe and secure. For more information check out our Store Policies.


Because people in our magical circle have been engaged in magic for a very long time. Our magical ceremonies are not intended to entertain the customer. Ceremonies deal with the original rituals carried out since antiquity.

Where is located?

The headquarters of our company is positioned in the center of Europe. We are located in Prague, which has been considered as a seat of great magicians since ancient times.

Is liable for damages caused by performing spells?

No, we are not liable for any damage caused by magical ceremonies. We disclaim any liability for damage caused by the execution of our spells. It is well known that magic can help but also harm. As a result, responsibility for making spells belongs only to the individual executing the spell.

Why did the performed spell not work?

All of our spells are based on years of proven experience. People differ from each other by their magical potential. Training and magical potential are key features that make up the master. Do not be disappointed if some spell didn’t work, try a different one from another spell circuit or try some exercises to concentrate and increase magical power

How to improve the spell effectivity?

You can improve spell’s efficiency by either your newly gained magic experience or by performing spells in a certain period that suits to this particular spell.

Our website is, therefore, preparing these spells for you:
First level: spells which have a minor effect and are not demanding for the preparation

Second level: spells have moderate efficiency but are more demanding both for preparation and execution

Third Level: Spells are challenging on both, the preparation and execution. Such spell guarantees the most potent effect. Some of them may be even fatally dangerous.

Is it possible to order a spell from

So far, our website is unable to make a spell on order. We are planning to create a particular circle of wizards who will engage in spells on order, as well as advise the less skilled magicians in the future.

Why is selling spell for only 1.59$?

We are trying to spread magic among people because the more often the magic is performed, the more it grows its strength. Therefore, we set the lowest possible price, making spell financially affordable for as many users as possible.

Is it possible to join the group of magicians from

We plan to create a forum for magical professionals in the future. We would be delighted to accept you to our magician group. According to your magic classification you will get a position in our circle of magicians.


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